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101 Proven Strategies To Rapidly Increase Your Income, Wealth and Lifestyle!

You can increase your income, lifestyle and wealth at the same time!

What this book promises is not easy to do as creating wealth involves saving and self-discipline. While having the lifestyle you want often demands, for most people at least, spending more than they have on-hand. But it’s not impossible because I have managed to live like a millionaire since I was 28 and yet have still managed to accumulate wealth along the way.

That’s not to say I could not be a whole lot richer or have not made tons of errors on the journey, but living life has always been more important to me than wealth. Which is why I take a three-month vacation every year, plus another four weeks on shorter trips in the remaining nine months. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous and undoable to most people but it’s not and it’s actually quite fun!

I am going to share personal growth strategies, career strategies, business strategies, income strategies, personal development and lifestyle strategies so you can accumulate real wealth and live like a rock star while you do it!

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step

Start on your path to wealth today by selling something, anything.

I have just looked around my home. I have a huge collection of golf books stuffed in a closet, a stamp collection I haven’t looked at in twenty years and a high end Cannon Camera I haven’t used since I got my iPhone. I am not sure what I could get for any of them but it would be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Right now they are not doing anyone any good, although the stamps at least may be appreciating. No one is enjoying looking at them, no one is enjoying reading the books and no one is taking pictures. I could put them on eBay today, or have a yard sale or ask a stamp expert for an evaluation. That money however little or large I receive invested in something that grows will do me far more good than the dust they are gathering in the closet.

Take your first steps to wealth and a more fulfilling life today, it’s never too early or too late to start!

I know what my number is and I know that everything I put towards that number helps me. Everything I choose to take away from that number hurts me.  Wealth is built is built a dollar, a Pound a Euro or a Yen at a time. Saving, investing in yourself or in stocks and bonds is a habit just like spending. Once you get in the habit of doing something you build momentum.

If I could sum up the most important keys in a single paragraph it would be this… Set a goal that you are passionate about, set no limiting beliefs and take charge of your destiny. Read to acquire the skills you are lacking, or hire others who have that skill set. Always look for ways to deliver more value to your company or your customers. Save 10% of all money you earn and put 50% of every raise or windfall into diversified investments. Look for ways to generate residual income from your skills and knowledge. Waste not your time and always spend some of it traveling and thinking. Sat healthy, eat right and keep the weight down. Know your retirement number and leverage all your assets to multiply your returns. Finally always expand your network and take action everyday towards your goals.

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