The Golf Sales Bible

The weakest area at just about every golf club happens to be the most important. Very few clubs can honestly say they are good at selling anything be it memberships, outings, events, high ticket lesson programs or tee times.

Nothing can improve your bottom line faster than getting better at sales, NOTHING!

In fact, just a small increase in sales effectiveness in the office, at the counter or in the pro shops can add tens of thousands of dollars, pounds, euros or yen to your bottom line!

Imagine if you closed two out of ten leads instead of one. You have just doubled sales at NO cost!

Now imagine that same improvement happened for every telephone inquiry, referral, or objections. Incremental improvement at each phase of the sales process leads to ASTONISHINGLY greater results. Which is why, NO marketing campaign should ever be undertaken without first having a sales system in place.

Dramatically boost your golf club’s memberships, golf outing, event and lesson sales with The Golf Sales Bible

  • Want to know EXACTLY what to do when the prospect says he has to “think about it”? The exact scripted answer can be found in the objection chapter.
  • How about the perfect way to address rumors of unhappy members or financial trouble? Quash this objection in its tracks!
  • How to sell against a much cheaper competitor and win nine times out of ten by allowing the prospect to sell himself!
  • Want the perfect way to close a sale without saying anything? I show you the one simple gesture that does all the work for you.

It’s all there in the Golf Sales Bible, so you or your staff always give the PERFECT answer to each and every concern—and then continue on with your presentation to its logical conclusion, a sale!

These are not theories; these are proven techniques used by the top professionals in the industry. Bring them to your club and watch memberships soar, outing and events book and your lesson book fill!

In this comprehensive new book I’ll help you instantly turbo charge your sales by sharing with you the proven presentation techniques, objection scripts, and closes that I have used for the past 25 years, to make my clients millions in the golf industry!

I’ll cover every type of sales situation in the golf business in detail so whether you are an owner, general manager, golf professional or marketing person looking to increase revenue this is the book for you.

You’ll Learn…

  • How to deal easily with price issues
  • How to develop instant rapport
  • The simple sales script that can double tee time revenue in under 60 seconds!
  • The two simple questions that put prospects in a buying frame of mind
  • The one question that gets prospect members to sell themselves even if you are charging far higher prices than your competition!
  • How to change “I’ll think about it” to “I’ll sign up today”
  • How to use humor to make your competition seem irrelevant
  • And much more

I cover in detail:

  • Membership sales
  • Outing, society and corporate sales
  • Tee time, annual pass and green fee sales
  • High ticket lesson programs
  • Resort group sales
  • Wedding & event sales
  • And much more…

I’ll show you & your staff how to:

  • Overcome reluctance to selling
  • Build rapport with ease
  • Develop a perfect sales presentation
  • Handle objections like a pro
  • Painless closes that work every time
  • Generating a stream of referral leads

You will never be at a loss for the perfect answer to any objection, challenge or stall:

  • Appointment and phone scripts that makes getting prospects onsite a cinch
  • Over 70 perfect objection scripts for just about any question anyone could ever ask you from I’ll think about it to “your price is too high”
  • Closing scripts that making getting money a breeze
  • An actual proven, step by step membership tour you can steal and model for your club.
  • With all these scripts, closes and presentation tips sales just got a whole lot easier to come by!

You do not want your competition to read this book before you do, it’s going to be a game changer for many clubs. They are going to be so shocked at the increase in their numbers they will wonder where all the money’s been hiding.