Cowboys Know That If You Want the 
Best Results, You Have to 
Hire the Best People

"Fast is fine but accuracy is everything." - Wyatt Earp

Why can’t Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid shake the posse that’s relentlessly tracking them? On account of Mr. E. H. Herriman, owner of the Union Pacific Railway, who resents the way the two outlaws have been picking on his trains and robbing him. In response, he has put together the best team of lawmen and trackers ever assembled. Yes, he actually did this!

This is in contrast to low-level managers, who often feel threatened by the people they hire who may know more than they do. Because of this fear, they very often opt to hire people they like, someone they knew from a previous job, or someone casually recommended by a friend. They do not do real due diligence and compare apples to apples; they just opt for the path of least resistance, for the least cost, or for the quick fix.

Cowboys Create Their Own 
Unique Personal Brand

"Nobody ever calls me John…I’ve always been Duke or Marion or John Wayne. It’s a name that goes well together, and it’s like one word." — John Wayne

The Flying R, Circle C, Shiloh, Bonanza, or the High Chaparral, every ranch, real or fictional, had a brand, a symbol burned into the hide of the cattle to stamp ownership and help protect them from rustling. But it was not just ranches that had a brand and unique symbols of individuality—cowboys had them too.

The famous Indian Crazy Horse had several battle rituals, including painting his body with lightning bolts and white spots to denote hailstones. He would either tie the body of a hawk against the side of his head or wear a war bonnet with buffalo horns and a dozen eagle feathers. Often he wore a red blanket like a cape. Likewise, all the great chiefs, like Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Black Elk, and Quanah all had their unique headdresses, war paint, clothing, and accessories.

How Many Books Did You Read This Year?

There is no faster way to increase your knowledge and therefore your value to yourself, employer or customers than to read the distilled knowledge of an expert. I tell everyone to read (or listen) to a book week but do I really follow my own advice? Sitting in the back of a cab in Bangkok I decided to count.

Here is my reading list from this year:

HOTEL FAIL: Moldy Fruit & Rat Piss Beer

Hotels often leave fresh or sometimes not so fresh fruit in a room. (Many times, a grape or two will be moldy) Occasionally I’ll eat a piece but usually, it all is thrown away or perhaps gets washed and put in the next guest room. Wouldn’t want to waste it, right? How about a bowl of jelly beans or M & M’s  instead? They last forever.

I opt for the mini bar, the beers are the standard fare in the USA; Bud & Miller. If I’m in Thailand Chang & Singha and so it goes with the two mass-market beers of the region, whatever they may be.

Instead, why not offer the traveling guest a selection of local microbrews with some tasting notes on each? Surely a bottle of Turbo Dog or Arrogant Bastard beer is more memorable than a can of Bud Lite?

Why Living a Balanced Life is Total Bullshit!

For a long time now there has been a growing wave of authors and experts, yogis, and gurus preaching a balanced life. You know the pitch, work, family, spirt, leisure in equal measure. Sounds good, but the fact is, it’s a total bullshit strategy for business or personal success!

I have never believed much in the concept of a balanced life, perhaps for a decade when my kids were young there was some, but my wife may argue that. There comes a point in life where your biological clock is ticking faster and rather than slowing down you feel the urge to speed up, to do more while you still have the strength and health to enjoy them. This can start to cause problems with others who don’t share your need for speed or your urges to go walkabout.

Make Money From Your Expertise While You Sleep!

Ever wondered how to make money while you sleep from the knowledge you already have about your industry? 

Manager, instructor, salesman, business owner, coach whatever your business knowledge is there is someone out there who wants it. In from books, manuals, systems, scripts, checklists, videos, seminars or webinars. The info business is exploding and it’s one you can make a handsome second income from. 

I know because I have been doing it for over 25 years since after just a year and a half in business I published my first manual on of all things how to run a karate school. It made $148,000 which in 1990 money was not too shabby… No fancy writing or graphics I simply documented how I ran my karate school, and put it all in a three-ring binder.