Wonderful Service Attracts Business Like a Magnet

"Give the public everything you can give them, keep the place as clean as you can keep it, keep it friendly." - Walt Disney

We all have stories about people from whom we thought we would get superior service, but in the end were disappointed. Then, at the other end of the service and reputation spectrum, there is Rolls Royce.

The Legendary Rolls

Back in the early 1950s there was a legendary tale of service told by a new Rolls Royce owner who decided to travel on the Continent. While motoring through Switzerland in just his second week of ownership, his car broke down. He called the dealership, who called the factory. He was immediately put up at the very best hotel, given complimentary champagne, and fed the most wonderful food imaginable.

In the meantime, a factory mechanic left Crewe and was flown by private plane to the Swiss Alps. It took almost a day for him to reach the car and two more days to fix the problem, but they were enjoyable days since the owner had been provided with additional transportation befitting a Rolls Royce owner. Several years later the same problem occurred again and the owner explained his previous problem to the dealership, along with a wonderful tale of how the problem was solved. The dealership called the factory. They categorically denied that a Rolls Royce had ever broken down anywhere, let alone in Switzerland, but were glad to fix the problem.

Apple Magic
I bought one of the first iPhones. The sound didn’t work; they overnighted me a new one and a package in which to send mine back. A couple of days later, they told me just to keep the new one. A few months later, I broke it; they were just as quick to replace it. In fact, I was so impressed with their service I switched my entire company to Macs when it came time to buy new computers.

Legendary Club Service
Despite the fact that the golf industry prides itself on service, I have only been blown away by service twice in over thirty years of playing golf around the world. Once was at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club playing in an event and the other at Trump National. The event at RTJ was the best-run event I ever played in. The staff remembered my name from a year previously. When I left my golf shoes in my locker with a missing spike, the following day my shoes had been polished and given a NEW SET of spikes. All the competitors were given lockers with their names on them, and the club gave out pin-location sheets even for the practice rounds. There were a host of other little details, like great food and wonderful course conditions, all of which produced a memorable event.

At Trump National the first time, I was impressed that I was greeted then led to the locker rooms and introduced to the atten dant rather than being pointed in the general direction as is usually the case. I was given a locker, a towel, and a bottle of water, then driven to the range to warm up and wait for my host. After my round, when I walked out of the clubhouse, my car was already pulled up and running, “Since it’s such a hot day, Mr. Wood, we took the liberty of bringing the car up and getting the A/C cool for you.” Nice!

Wonderful service attracts attention simply because it’s so rare.

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