Why Ego Kills Most Companies

“Don’t let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn’t go with it.”

The number-one reason many companies fail is not what you think it is. It’s not poorly thought-out campaigns, the wrong media, poor strategy, or lack of funds. It’s EGO! That’s right, ego. Pure and simple human ego destroys more companies, loses more battles, and kills more marketing campaigns than any other factor!

When people make business or marketing decisions that are based on ego rather than a proven plan for the orchestrated accomplishment of clear financial goals, they make poor decisions.
They make decisions based on what they like, not what works!

They make media decisions on what makes them look good to their peers, not what makes the phone ring. “Did you see our ad in such and such publication?”

They make misplaced decisions to keep poor-performing staff under the cover of “loyalty” and “caring.” But really, they just want to look good.

They build corporate palaces, monster clubhouses, and ivory towers rather than functional and creative working environments, burdening their organizations with mountains of debt they could easily have lived without!

They take the NOT-invented-here attitude to new heights and kill any program that doesn’t have their own paw prints all over it!

When they do see an idea they like and can champion as “their own discovery,” they bring it in as the flavor of the month citing their “open mindedness to new ideas,” only to discard it six weeks later for a different flavor, instead of working the plan they have in place to its logical conclusion.

They hire people they like, people they can boss around, people who won’t talk back or challenge their egos, not people who can quickly help them reach their goals.

Then they blame others for their failure, which, despite their bravado, inevitably happens when people make business and marketing decisions based on EGO rather than proven principles and the pursuit of a worthy goal.

Don’t let ego ruin your business!

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