Understand How Most People’s Fear of Money Stops Them from Ever Accumulating It!

The vast majority of the population is afraid of money and therefore never attracts much of it into their lives!

Fear of Money

Even if making a great deal of money is not your main aim, achieving success in almost any field will often be followed by money as a byproduct. The problem is that a very large percentage of the population associates money with many of the negative things in life. Many of these people will argue vigorously that this is not true. They say they would have no problem being rich; it would be wonderful. They then proceed to bombard you with a host of popular misconceptions like these:

* People with money are selfish.

* People with money step on others to get ahead.

* People with lots of money are snobs.

* People with money are bad or even evil.

* People with money can’t be trusted; they are dishonest.

With negative thoughts and conditioning like this throughout our lives, is it any wonder many people don’t want to have money or even great success, knowing that with success will come money? They simply do not want these negative connotations reflecting on themselves.

The Truth about Money

The real truth of the matter is that people with money are no better or worse as people than those without money. They do, of course, have more resources at their disposal, and so will you when you realize your true potential. At that point, it is up to each person what he or she will do with the money. They can help others, should they wish to do so, and so can you. You can use your money to help others and for good causes, or you can choose not to. You and you alone make that decision.

It is like the old saying, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Well, money is neither good nor bad. The people who use it determine if it is put to good use or poor use. If you had unlimited resources and not a care in the world, would you put your money to good use and help others with your wealth, or would you look for ways to step on and hurt others? You would, of course, do good, as do a vast majority of those who already have a great deal of money. They donate billions of dollars a year to churches, museums, hospitals, art galleries, research, and relief organizations.

As I have already said, many people do not realize that they fear having money. This fear is buried deep down in their subconscious and surfaces only now and again to sabotage any endeavor that might lead to great wealth.

To remove any fears you may have about money, start right now by thinking of all the good and positive ways you can help those in your family, community, state, and country. Think about those who need help the most, and think of how you will use your money to help them when you become wealthy.

There are countless other popular sayings that make many people afraid of making money. How about these age-old gems to limit your success?

* Parents who constantly told you, “We can’t afford that.”

* “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” therefore you should hold on to yours for all it’s worth and never risk it in some kind of venture that might, in turn, pay off big.

* “You have to work too hard to get rich. It’s not worth it killing yourself over.” Of course it is not worth killing yourself to make money, but people with great financial resources usually don’t. In fact, they often live longer because they have more interests and goals to strive for, more time to exercise, and more money to take relaxing full vacations. On top of that, they eat the best foods, live in the best places, and have access to the best medical care in the country.

* “The best things in life are free.” Well, there is a lot to be said for that, but let me tell you—the second-best things in life cost plenty. So if you have any intention of enjoying them, you had better include making lots of money in your future.

As actor Michael Caine once said when asked if money made him happy, “I have been rich and unhappy. I have been poor and unhappy, and it was a lot nicer when I was rich and unhappy.” Take a moment right now to think about any negative feelings you may have learned from your parents, family, or friends about money.

One of the best ways of looking at money is simply to look at it as energy credits. Money simply allows you to do more of the things you like and pay others to do many of the things you don’t like.

Dudley Moore, who played a billionaire in the movie Arthur, summed it up best. When asked by a shopkeeper how it felt to have all that money, his face lit up in a smile, and he simply said, “It’s great!”

Don’t let negative thoughts or conditioning about money hold you back from all you deserve!

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