The Joy of Golf

Written in a casual, humorous style, leading golf writer, Andrew Wood presents 72 reasons why golf is the greatest game ever.

While all of us who love the game know it’s challenging, frustrating and fun Wood digs deeper. Did you know golfers live 5 years longer? Burn 1525 calories a round? And Enjoy 17% more income than their non-golfing peers?

Wood goes beyond the obvious and takes the reader on a multi sense journey of the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of the game. The gadgets, history, art and memorabilia that make golf such an important part of many peoples daily lives. The simple joy of the wildlife, a long drive or finding a new ball in the rough!

Wood also discusses the many benefits of golf for women, seniors, children and businessmen alike. Then connects golf’s unique DNA as to why those who play, enjoy life a little bit more in many different ways.

There will be many moments in these pages that will make anyone who ever played the game nod and smile in agreement.

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