The Feel-Felt-Found Solution

Brilliance without the capability to communicate it is worth little in enterprise. - Thomas Leach

One of the most powerful objection busters in the business is the Feel-Felt-Found solution. It can be adapted to handle many different types of objections. When the prospect raises an objection, you listen attentively then follow up using these three steps:

1. “I understand how you FEEL.” This statement avoids being argumentative and takes prospects’ objections seriously. It tells them you were listening and shows that you do indeed have their best interests at heart.

2. Many of our clients FELT that way before they invested in our services. “For instance, Mr. Miller is in your line of work [church, age group, or other category].” This shows prospects that their concerns are valid and the fact that you name other customers they can relate to who had the same concern builds trust in you. “He worried about that but…”

3. What he FOUND was that… [your answer] there were lots of people with [concern]. However, his family enjoyed the club facilities, the contacts were valuable to his business, etc. Here are some examples that put all three steps together:

I understand how you feel about our company having a $5,000 set-up fee while others do not. In fact, last year we were working with XYZ company from your state and their marketing director felt exactly the same way as you do. However, he found that being able to track the effectiveness of his ads by using our Marketing Commander solution saved him twice that much in the first month alone, and ten times that amount over the first year. As you know, no one else in the industry offers the ad- and phone-tracking features that we do. How much do you think you would save if by using our Marketing Commander technology you could cut out the 50-60% of your ads that are not effective?

The feel-felt-found approach has been used successfully for over 50 years as a good way to respond to almost any objection. It allows you to take your winning story from current customers and create a personal solution that your prospect can identify with.

The feel-felt-found solution is one of the strongest techniques ever for dealing with objections. Add it to your repertoire.

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