Strategic Breakthrough!

In this economy most people are already up to their armpits in alligators and don’t have the time or energy for much strategic thinking, they are just looking to survive. So they do what they have always done. Trim some hourly employees, shop for cheaper (usually inferior) vendors and discount a little more in the hopes of gaining ground. Or they simply maintain the status quo, changing nothing hoping things will just get better while they slowly bleed to death.

Twice in my early business career I have been at the crossroads where I thought I had tried everything and was about to go broke!

In fact the second time I was already beyond broke. My home was mortgaged to the hilt and I had $126,000 on nine different credit cards! In both cases, a small change of marketing strategy and I mean something that took just a few seconds to come up with and a few hours to develop, completely changed my financial fortunes forever…

To come up with it though I needed outside help, I needed someone smarter than me (not an easy task, even back then, LOL) but I found that man in Marketing Guru, Jay Abraham.

After three hours of stonewalling him by telling him I had already done everything he suggested,(I had) he got quite angry and left the restaurant. Returning a few minutes later my buddy and I sat in dumb silence as he dispensed his final thought. That thought, that simple change of strategy made me seven million dollars over the next five years. Best of all it got me completely out of debt in an astonishing 90 days!

After struggling to survive for almost two years, a simple change in strategy that had not accrued to my worried mind had cash flowing faster than my wildest dreams.

The majority of businesses have the very same opportunity IF they would only think strategically!

One of my favorite quotes of all time is Albert’s Einstein’s definition of insanity, “people who do the same thing over and over again and yet expect different results”

Yet that’s exactly what most people do!

It’s what I was doing at the time…

Where you happy with your results last year, last quarter, last month?

If not, what are you going to do differently to change things?

 Will it be:

  • A price change
  • A packaging change
  • A positioning change
  • A media change

Will you embrace my Engage, Educate and Entertain social media strategy that coupled with our viral marketing tools is setting new records for our client’s daily? 

If you need help deciding, what your breakthrough strategy should be, call me @ 352 266 2099

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