Your Strategic Plan Must Serve as Your Guide for Solving Problems

"Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it." - Brian Tracy

There is a real tendency, even for smart and motivated people, to major in minor things. This in itself would not be much of a problem if the minor things added up to something bigger, something they could build upon, something that eventually would lead to success. However, most people who major in minor things don’t have a vision of success, don’t have a strategic plan, and don’t have written goals with action plans and deadlines. As a result, they continually solve the same minor problems that, in terms of advancement, lead nowhere.

Legendary entrepreneurs cannot afford to be caught in this trap. They must be selective in the problems they choose to solve. In order to move forward in your business and life by solving problems, it’s imperative that you have a vision of where you want to be. That means having a strategic plan and specific goals. Without a strategic plan to guide you in your business decisions, you could end up solving hundreds of small problems, all of which add up to a great big nothing and lead you in the wrong direction completely.

So What’s Your Problem?

Is it a real problem, or something you can easily dismiss or fix yourself? Is it a problem that relates to your strategic plan, or is it one that has absolutely no bearing on your future success? Is the problem one you can avoid? Is it a case of having to change old habits and adopt new, more powerful ones? Do you have a problem because somebody else has told you it’s a problem, even though you may not perceive it as one?

Are you letting other people dictate your problems? Or, have you ever bent over backwards for someone and found your efforts unappreciated? Perhaps you’ve given someone a special deal, only to find it comes back to haunt you later. Could it be you are creating your own problems?

Most, if not all, of these questions can only be answered if you have a strategic plan. If you don’t have a clear, written, strategic plan, it’s impossible to fix many of your day-to-day problems. It’s certainly impossible to decide which are real problems, which should receive priority in your attention and resources, and which should not. The vision, strategic plan, and goals become your road map and companions in helping you make the right decisions.
Ultimately, you need to commit yourself to a single major goal to enjoy the most success. Only those dedicated to a single great purpose can have the focus, commitment, and time management skills to prioritize their problems and move forward as fast as possible. If you choose to focus on every problem that comes your way, you will never, ever have enough time for success. You must decide which problems to solve and which to ignore.

Focus on problems that are worth solving.

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