How a Small English Hotel Made a Long Travel Day Instantly Bearable

It was a gorgeous day and I had decided to stop on my way from Scotland back to London in the picturesque, lake district town of Windermere. Unfortunately, the rest of the UK all had the very same idea. I got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam on a tiny road with nowhere to go.

It took over two hours to go seven miles, then when I got to the hotel there was nowhere to park. I was hot, tired and irritable before I found out my room was on the fourth floor, normally I love the extra steps but today it was a chore.

When I opened the door I Immediately saw a giant Teddy bear was smiling at me from the middle of the bed reminding me that I shouldn’t have a care in the world. Next to him as a small box with four handmade chocolates and a hand-written note thanking me for choosing this small hotel over others. I dropped my case and headed straight to the bathroom to run a bath and refresh myself. Again, I stopped and smiled, a stupid looking rubber duck sat smiling back at me from between the two taps. The rest of the décor offered additional quirky items turning a seemingly ordinary, small hotel experience into something magical. Pictures of which I of course quickly snapped and posted on social media.

Surprise and create “Kodak moments” for your guests to elevate your wow factor.

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