Make Money From Your Expertise While You Sleep!

Ever wondered how to make money while you sleep from the knowledge you already have about your industry? 

Manager, instructor, salesman, business owner, coach whatever your business knowledge is there is someone out there who wants it. In from books, manuals, systems, scripts, checklists, videos, seminars or webinars. The info business is exploding and it’s one you can make a handsome second income from. 

I know because I have been doing it for over 25 years since after just a year and a half in business I published my first manual on of all things how to run a karate school. It made $148,000 which in 1990 money was not too shabby… No fancy writing or graphics I simply documented how I ran my karate school, and put it all in a three-ring binder. 

The last year, 25 years later, I did the same thing again in another industry. That grossed over $400,000 with a photocopied manual, in a three-ring binder! In between, I have used video, audio, seminars and 17 other forms of media to monetize my knowledge.  Interested in how to capitalize on your unique knowledge, of your industry?

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