How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf

While many of the people who will benefit from this book will be PGA pros there are thousands of people making big money teaching golf who are not and never will be.

Despite all the negative press you hear about the decline of golf there are still over 50 million players worldwide who not only make more money than the average Joe but are crazy about playing better…..87% of players said they would play more often, buy more equipment and spend more money at the club if they only… played better!

This market is ripe for the taking it’s just that most people teaching have no idea how to sell or market their talent properly… That’s where this book comes in…

How a Teaching Pro Went from Struggling to Pay His Bills to Making Over a $150,000 A Year Teaching Golf!

  • Are you tired of being underpaid for your teaching knowledge and experience?
  • Frustrated, that others with less talent, seem to be getting all the attention?
  • Perplexed by your lack of growth or by your ability to charge a premium fee?

Then let’s do something about it!

In this program you will discover:

  • How to increase your student base.
  • How to charge more.
  • How to keep students longer.
  • How to dramatically increase your sales ability.
  • How to become the most prominent instructor in your area.
  • And how to DRAMATICALLY increase your income no matter where you live!

One 28 year-old assistant pro I worked with in NJ made $32,000 in a single month after being exposed to my system and changing the way he sold his lessons.

A young pro in London was able to double his rates with no loss in business. That’s twice as much income for NO extra work!

An experienced pro in Florida made $100,000 from just 20 students and had 18 of them renew the follow year!
A young Pro in Spain increased his income by 30% the first month after buying in.

A Pro in London went from occasional lessons with his students to a predictable and profitable yearly contract at 262 pounds sterling, a month ($400) And sold a $6,000 program just 8 weeks after investing in this information!

An assistant pro in South Carolina, at a small rural facility, doubled his teaching income not once but two years in a row! That’s a 300% increase in just 24 months and far more than the Head Pro/GM was making!

You do not want your competition to read this book before you do, it will be a complete game changer for many instructors. I have helped instructors all over the world double and triple their teaching income, let me help you make the money you deserve for your teaching talent!