Legendary Sales

There is nothing more important to your business, career and, indeed, survival, than to make your sales effort astonishingly more effective than any of your competitors.

Read or Legendary Sales/Cunningly Clever Selling and watch your sales performance soar.

These innovative strategies will turn an ordinary business into an extraordinary business. More than 528 stimulating pages are jam-packed with powerful ideas, tactics and strategies to quickly and ethically double, even triple, your sales! Chock full of real life examples suitable for adaptation to any business, you’ll find it a fast, easy read that’s fun, entertaining, practical and PROVEN. You’ll get inside secrets from a battle-tested sales & marketing legend, Andrew Wood, along with a bulletproof blueprint to immunize you from recession.

Legendary Sales/Cunningly Clever Selling is the most comprehensive, entertaining and practical book ever written on how to quickly and dramatically increase your sales and profits!

In Legendary Sales/Cunningly Clever Selling, you will discover how even a small change in how you answer the phone or handle an objection can have a major IMPACT ON YOUR SALES SUCCESS!

For example:

  • Inside Sales Secrets from Hollywood That Will Out Sell Every Other Method by 330%!
  • The Incredible Two-Second Sales-Presentation Power Test
  • Stephen King’s Astonishingly Secret to Creating Stories (Presentations) That Sell!
  • The Fine and Profitable Art of Painting with Words so Every Prospect Gets the Message
  • How to Create A Sales Experience That’s So Enjoyable Price Doesn’t matter!

Plus You’ll Learn:

  • The Secrets to Turning Lost Sales into Serious Cash, by Using the Power of Physic Debit!
  • Converting Shop Around Prospects to Loyal Customers in Seconds, Without Discounting
  • Developing Instant Credibility
  • Using the Power of the Damaging Omission
  • Instant rapport with every prospect massively increasing your sales potential
  • Painless prospecting, attracting a constant and automated, RIVER of qualified leads!
  • Selling to salesman, skeptics and other tough cookies
  • Presenting so the prospect NEVER, ever says, I have to think about it!

And You’ll Also Learn:

  • Disarming every objection, before they even come up with cunningly clever presentations!
  • Tripling the value of every sale with a single sentence!
  • Staying motivated even on Mondays
  • Breaking mental barriers for record sales
  • Destroying The Price Is Too High and Other Money Objections!
  • Guaranteed referrals from every sale!
  • Turning suspects into sales even if they walk in because they’re LOST!
  • Hundreds of proven, qualifying, presenting, closing and objection scripts!
  • The relentless follow up campaign that takes less than a minute to execute!
  • Why 98% of all retail sales, are killed in just four words!
  • Why raising your price often brings sales success – strange but true!
  • The world’s best, battle tested closing techniques, revisited refined and re-charged!
  • Cunningly Clever techniques for breaking out of the sales-resistance
  • How to get 48 hours out of every sales day
  • Why switching for job descriptions to positions agreements can triple your team’s sales performance overnight
  • Killing your competition professionally with cunningly clever innuendo
  • Plus Much, Much More!

Cunningly Clever Selling is the Most Comprehensive, Entertaining and Practical Book Ever Written on How to Quickly and Dramatically Increase Your Sales and Profits!

It doesn’t matter whether you sell memberships or cars, real estate or software, professional services or cosmetic dentistry, the strategies in this book WILL increase your income rapidly.

Buy it for yourself, buy it for your staff, buy it for your partners, but buy it NOW!