Sex Sells – Whether You Want to Admit it or Not!

"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others." - Orson Welles

You might not like this post. You may find it sexist, clichéd, rude, and demeaning to women – perhaps even distasteful. BUT…whether you agree with my approach or not doesn’t affect the laws of the REAL marketing universe YOUR company lives in one bit… Sex sells!

Let’s not get off on the wrong foot here, with a lecture for me on political correctness or any of the above objections. Let’s talk about something far more important – PROFITS. YOUR profits are the very thing that keeps food on the table for you and all of your employees.


Several years ago, we did a campaign for Pam’s Ocean City Golf, a golf travel company.  The first question I asked was “Who is Pam?”

Whoever she was, she was long gone, so we gave the company a new look and a new personality. We gave them a color version of a new, sexy Pam. We gave them a new website with a tongue-in-cheek video sales pitch from Pam, a new catalog, and a new marketing message built around the top ten reasons to book through Pam’s. Bookings went up 18% while the industry average in that area was off by 6%.

Reaction to the provocative campaign was mixed, but we created quite a buzz. There were a lot of positive comments, especially from the middle-aged guys who make up most of their clientèle. And there were some negative comments, from men and women alike, with the usual remarks about sexual stereotypes. But whether people liked or disliked the campaign is immaterial. What matters is that Pam’s business went up 18% over the previous year and up 24% over their competition.

This simple fact is lost on most people in business. You shouldn’t run marketing campaigns that everyone likes. You should run campaigns that ACTUALLY work. Sex still sells even in the Wienstien era and Pam’s are still a valued client ten years later 🙂

Personality sells and if that personality is sexy, so much the better.

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