How to Get a Job!

I have never really had a real job, in fact the only two jobs I ever had before becoming self employed were that of waiter and bag boy at a golf club. Neither of these jobs took much skill or paid much. The chances of advancement were zero and yet it was still easy to be far better at either job than the many people I encountered in similar positions at the time.

The secret to my success in the four years I held these positions was simple. Never in four year as a bag boy or a waiter did I call in sick. Never at least in the case of the golf club where there was a definite time to be there everyday did I show up late. This made me very valuable to my employer because he knew he could always count on me which was rarely the case with the scores of other employees my own age who would use any possible excuse not to show up any time they felt like it!

There was one other thing I did that made a difference, I always even as a teenager tried to pro active. I looked for ways to help, to be of more value to my employer. This simple strategy works in any industry, for anybody and yet it is rarely used.

In these times of a poor economy I speak weekly to people looking for a job. Usually these people don’t have a job because if they did, in this economy they would be looking to keep it! Most of the people I talk to are golf pros or golf club mangers but from time to time there are others. They send me their resumes and I hook them up with whatever connections I have to try and help them. But the resumes all read the same!

20 years a team player, hard working, people person, good teacher of others etc. I have yet to see one out of the last 50 that said anything that would remotely make me think this person had done anything different to move ahead of the bunch and gain a competitive advantage on his peers. Anything that would have made him stand out in his previous job to the point where it might still have it! No there is no doubt that circumstance can catch even great people of guard but smart people are always looking for ways to build value in their jobs. So much so that even if their current employer does not notice it a competitor or customer will, so the next job is never far away. But back to the resumes, instead of the usual boring stuff I would like to see  one that read:

Realizing the tremendous impact that technology is having and will have on the golf industry in the coming decade I have recently enrolled in a night class at the local junior collage to gain more skills in the important field of internet marketing.


I have hired a local collage student to coach me on the weekend on the latest aspects of communicating with the membership via the internet.


Realizing that many clubs needs to increase their membership in these tough times I recently read the following five books on sales and took two seminars on selling.

Followed by an clear demonstration of how any of the above will impact the clubs bottom like, for example.

These skills will allow me to make excellent use of the latest in internet marketing and sales skills to quickly increase business for the club. That sentence along with anyone of the previous three statements is going to leap that resume to the very top of the pile!


Because it demonstrates VALUE!

It demonstrates a person who is proactive!

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