How Buying Motives Are Expressed

"Success is turning knowledge into positive action." - Dorothy Leeds

Often, your prospects will not come right out and tell you their reasons for wanting your product or service. With some prospects, a few carefully worded questions will elicit the information you need.

In these cases, you will often hear their motives expressed in some of the following ways:

• I want to feel appreciated.
• I want to feel more secure.
• I want to be more confident.
• I want to have fun.
• I want to improve my self-image.
• I want to solve a particular problem.
• I want to grow or improve.
• I want to improve my appearance.
• I want to be like someone else.
• I have a lot of stress in my life.
• I need to feel important.
• I want to be respected.
• I want to be successful.
• I want to experience something new.
• I want to be liked by others.
• I want to make new friends.
• I want encouragement.

You just scanned though the list didn’t you? Take a minute to go back and highlight specific ones that move people to buy your products or services.
With many prospective customers the reasons are not crystal clear and must be pulled from them by a series of very specific questions. By questioning, and listening intently to the reply, you will discover your prospect’s true motives. Then you can structure your sales presentation to reinforce your prospect’s motives and provide the justifications that will meet his or her objectives.

When prospects can clearly see they have something to gain from what you have to offer, they will gladly buy from you.

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