Hotel and Resort Marketing Bible

Attention Hotel & Resort Managers: Can You Survive the Ever-Growing Challenges of the New Hospitality Economy?

“Discover Simple Ways to Expand Your Marketing Outreach, Easily Outmaneuver Cut-Rate Competition, and Dramatically Increase Room Nights and Profits – Even On a Tiny, Limited Budget – Guaranteed!”

Your 454-Page Blueprint to Financial Success in ANY Economy!

Dear Hospitality Professional:

  • Are you sick and tired of mindless discounting by your competitors, decreasing both room nights AND revenues for your properties?
  • Would you love to dominate your market as a premiere destination and experience a reliable, predictable stream of prospects?
  • Interested in a guaranteed way to build REAL customer loyalty, increase retention and return visits, and enjoy an endless flow of referrals?

If you answered YES to those 3 questions then keep reading…

I don’t have to tell you that the hospitality business has changed dramatically over the last few years with the advent of Expedia, and TripAdvisor to name just a few of the game changers.

Now Airbnb, FlipKey, VRBO and a dozen others just like them threaten to challenge traditional hotels and resorts even further.

The good news is, that the opportunity to prosper from a global market, has never been greater.

But… you must have the right marketing strategies in place to make it happen!

Whether you offer eight rooms or eight hundred it doesn’t matter, my new book “The Hotel and Resort Marketing Bible” is your key to success no matter what’s going on in the economy.

In fact, being small can offer powerful advantages… small independent hotels that don’t have to suffer weeks of brand approval by multiple people for every small marketing initiative.

Because it’s not about spending a fortune – it’s about being smarter than your competition, no matter how big or how powerful they may seem to be!

Why You Should Listen To Me…

As I write this, it’s the end of Summer and I have already spent over five months this year in hotels, and I have at least another two months to go. In the last few years, those hotel and resort stays have included properties in United States, Canada, Scotland, England, France, Wales, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Morocco, South Africa, Panama, and Dubai.

While I often get to enjoy these as a VIP guest as a consultant or in my role as publisher of World’s Best Golf Destinations, the vast majority are as an unheralded paying guest.

Add this vast first-hand travel experience to the over twenty years my company Legendary Marketing has been a world leader in golf, resort, and destination marketing, and I could easily claim to have more experience than all but a handful on the planet. (That’s before I mention that we managed several properties ranging from a thirty-eight-room hotel to a 168-room resort!)

While I pick up new and innovative hotel-marketing ideas all over the world, the vast majority of hotel marketing that I see from the individual entrepreneur with a handful of rooms to the multinational chains and mega-resorts is poor and ineffective. They get caught up in style over substance, branding rather than results, and mediocre multichannel marketing.

But even one simple change in marketing strategy can have a major impact on your income.

In recent years we have produced million-dollar turnarounds at two major resorts we worked with, based on tiny tweaks to their marketing strategy alone.

We have saved several family-owned resorts from certain death and helped countless small independent hotels all over the world by showing them simple ways to increase their reach on a tiny budget.

FYI, here’s just a few of the big and small Hotels and Resorts we have worked with around the world:

  • Ritz Carlton
  • Doral
  • Wyndham
  • The Green Hotel
  • Pine-Needles
  • Mid-Pines
  • McGuires Resort
  • Oak Terrace
  • Sportsman’s Lodge
  • Marriot
  • Garland Resort
  • Treetops Resort
  • Mission Inn
  • Innisbrook Resort
  • Reunion
  • The Springs Hotel
  • Sycuan Resort & Casino
  • Yarrow Resort & Conference Center
  • Four Seasons
  • Plantation Inn
  • Maddens Resort
  • Lakewood’s Resort
  • A Ga Ming Resort
  • Manistee National
  • Bavarian Inn
  • Candlestone Resort
  • Mojave Resort
  • Beau Rivage Golf & Resort
  • Prince’s Lodge
  • Waikaloa
  • Rose Hall
  • Badin Inn
  • Chateaux Elan
  • Banyan Resort
  • Oivatos Dunes
  • Sanctuary Hotel
  • Orange County National
  • Chateau d’Augerville
  • Mayakoba Resorts
  • Osage National
  • The Windelstrae

And the strategies we used to architect these and many other incredible turnarounds are ALL revealed in my new book, “The Hotel and Resorts Marketing Bible.”

Revealed:  Keys To Maximizing Income with Picture Perfect Positioning, Promotions, Packaging, and Pricing!

Dramatically increase your guest nights and revenue with these foolproof tactics:

  • The top 20 reasons why most hotel and resort marketing fails… these could save you years of trials and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars!
  • How to develop a Unique Selling Proposition for your property that sets it apart from every other option available – without this, you’ll simply be yet another “Me-Too” option in the search results list.
  • Why restricting your market actually increases opportunity by attracting more guests to your resort and more dollars to your bottom line.
  • The crazy smart strategy the sad-sack New Jersey Nets used to fill their arenas even when the team couldn’t BUY a win! (It’s this kind of thinking that can turn around a struggling resort’s fortunes in a heartbeat.)
  • The BIGGEST MENTAL MISTAKE – Why trying to compete at the business you THINK you’re in is killing off any chance of profits and success!
  • Why you need to bow down, admire, and model the insanely creative Men’s Room at a Vegas Sports Bar – your guests will be literally dragging their friends from their seats to join them!
  • You only need “ONE of Awesome” – keys to turning even the most mundane menu, lobby, or restaurant into an experience they’ll write home about.
  • The sneaky, simple way one clever marketer transformed bone-chilling, blizzard conditions into HOT windfall profits for their resort.
  • Twelve formulas for writing Headlines that grab your prospects by the throat and force them to read what you have to say!
  • How to create irresistible offers and iron-clad guarantees (together, these work together as your resorts’ Secret Weapon in the battle for customers and massive response).
  • Simple and Effective Design Strategies for Producing Greater Response to Your Collateral, Flyers, Brochures, and Mailings.
  • Six great ways to get a ton of referrals (I guarantee #6 is gonna make your jaw drop!)

You don’t have to be the biggest, the richest, or even the best – you just have to have this book, your one truly indispensable secret weapon. Get it now before your competitors do!

Master the Art and Science of Online, Email, and Social Media Marketing That Puts YOU Above Every Other Option

The Internet offers you the fastest and most cost-effective way to marketing success, but only when used correctly and in conjunction with strategic social and offline marketing. Cut through the myths and discover how to unlock the true potential of the Internet for your hotel:

  • Secrets to creating an emotional bond with your guests and turning them into your own social media marketing army!
  • 40+ Proven Ways to inexpensively build a Million-Dollar email list of hot prospects for your resort (this list will provide you with a literal gold mine you can go back to over and over again to generate paying guests.)
  • 12 totally-above-board methods to get your legitimate emails past “Everyone’s a Menace” robo-spam filters (discover the secrets the top tier professionals rely on when they do email marketing).
  • The 3 secret words to social media success and making sure you get the biggest bang for the buck when marketing on Facebook.
  • The amazing conversion power of low-cost landing pages (they run 365/24/7 bringing you qualified prospects on autopilot).
  • Discover why most hotel websites fail to attract business and what they’re doing to actually turn their potentially best customers away.
  • The 12 most important factors in building the perfect website for your resort… miss even a single one and it’ll cost you serious money!

How to Increase Sales At ALL Levels of Your Property

Nowhere is the payoff to your bottom line faster or more dramatic than by a small increase in sales skills.   Increasing your sales skills by even a few increments can dramatically increase your hotel’s income. Imagine if you closed two out of ten group leads instead of one—you have just doubled sales at no cost!

In “The Hotel and Resort Marketing Bible” you’ll get detailed information on how to get everyone on your team involved in selling more than you ever thought possible! And that includes your people who don’t think they are in sales.

  • The Art of Selling Ice to Eskimos – how to connect with every prospective guest and make a sales pitch they can’t ignore or turn down.
  • Keys to finding and qualifying the very best prospects for your business.
  • How to structure your sales presentation so prospects automatically sell themselves!
  • The secrets to handling objections and closing sales – this section alone could quadruple your closing ratio and INCOME!
  • Why you must break the rules of convention to dominate your market – you can no longer afford to “go with the crowd” and expect to have even the barest chance to survive.
  • Easy strategies to scripting and delivering a picture perfect and devastatingly effective sales presentation.
  • Plus so much more!

In fact, I’ll share ideas with you that are so cunningly clever that you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling just thinking about the positive effect they will have on your business!!!!

Discover the Secrets Behind These Major Business Turnarounds Orchestrated in Record Time:

  • One resort went from ten years of million-dollar losses to a $1.2 million profit in just 12 months!
  • Another went from 4,000 Facebook fans to 58,000 Facebook fans in 18 months (without spending a fortune on Facebook Likes Ads).
  • Another from a list of 8,000 emails to 60,000 emails in just over a year.
  • A resort in Mexico experienced 18,000 opt in emails and 3,800 requests for specific info on the resort’s activities in just 90 days.
  • Another venue gathered 2,700 wedding leads, all Brides-To-Be,  in just 4 months!
  • I grew the golf outing business at one resort from $398,000 to $1.7 million in just four years spending just $20,000 a year on the marketing campaigns.
  • Increased business over $500,000 at a 38-room family resort in just one year.
  • Generated over 4,000 leads for an Irish resort in just 30 days!

Plus Much, Much More…

Chapter 1 – Don’t Fall for These Hotel and Resort Marketing Myths

Chapter 2 – Developing a Legendary USP

Chapter 3 – Creating an Emotional Bond with Your Guests

Chapter 4 – Building the Perfect Website

Chapter 5 – Creating Legendary Landing Pages

Chapter 6 – Data Collection

Chapter 7 – Legendary E-mail Marketing

Chapter 8 – Social Media—Facebook

Chapter 9 – Facebook Ads

Chapter 10 – How to Write Legendary Headlines for All of Your Marketing

Chapter 11 – The Art of Selling Ice to Eskimos

Chapter 12 – Irresistible Offers and Iron-Clad Guarantees—Your Secret Weapon in the Battle for Massive Response

Chapter 13 – Designing Legendary Ads, Collateral, Sales Letters, and Direct Mail That Work!

Chapter 14 – Meetings, Groups, and Special Events

Chapter 15 – Legendary Sales Getting Ready to Maximize Sales

Chapter 16 – Legendary Sales Presentations, Objections, and Closing

Chapter 17 – Building a Referral Machine for Your Hotel or Resort

Chapter 18 – Developing Legendary Service and a Guest Friendly Culture

You’re Going to Earn Back Ten Times Your Investment the Very First Time You Use Even ONE of The Strategies in This Book!

For most hotels, if what you read brings in just a FEW more guests, golf outings, weddings, banquets or cash-in-hand overnight customers — and gives you new tactics to continue bringing in additional customers — you’re in a position to literally PRINT MONEY.

In fact, you’ll increase your cash flow in so many different ways, you will wonder where all the money was hiding!

Quite frankly this will be the best investment you have ever made in your resort when it comes to ROI. What’s more I guarantee it…

There’s No Risk To You With Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

With our Ironclad Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and tens of thousands of dollars to gain from the exciting, practical and proven information in this book.

You’ll have three full MONTHS to decide… if this works for you!

If you don’t agree that the information and strategies contained in “The Hotel and Resort Marketing Bible” are worth ONE THOUSAND TIMES THE COVER PRICE in cold hard cash to you, simply send it back for a full refund. Invest now and maximize your hotel’s income immediately.

So, you have absolutely ZERO Risk, it’s all on me.

I’m making this offer of 50% off because I want to get this critical information into the hands of as many people as possible. The industry has done very well for me, it’s the least I can do for it.

But this offer is time-limited and will not continue for long.  Order Now!

Order Your Copy

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