Hotel Marketing

Rapid Revenue Growth for Independent Hotels

As an independent hotel owner or manager, I don’t have to tell you that the hospitality business has changed dramatically over the last few years with the advent of Expedia and the likes. Now there is the prospect of thousands of more rooms coming online with Airbnb and a dozen others like them that threaten to challenge traditional hotels even further.

The good news is, that the opportunity to prosper from a global market, has never been greater. But, you must have the right marketing strategies in place to make it happen. Eight rooms or a hundred and eighty it doesn’t matter, it’s not about spending a fortune it’s about being smarter than your competition by focusing on a core marketing strategy that creates a competitive advantage for you!

What we do?

  • Evaluate your current business situation with an in-depth analysis
  • Recommend a new strategy focusing on your competitive advantage
  • Rapidly increase direct bookings and revenue

How we do it?

  • Rapidly build a new database of high targeted prospective guests
  • Harness the viral power of social media to dramatically expand reach
  • Focus all resources on one overriding marketing strategy

Who we are?

  • Legendary Marketing has over 20 years of hotel marketing success. In fact CEO, Andrew Wood wrote the book on it, The Hotel and Resort Marketing Bible
  • And he spends 5 months a year sleeping in hotels around the world so his fingers on the pulse of what’s working!
  • We have also managed several hotels from 38-168 rooms so we know the business inside and out!

Who we have work with?

  • Large independent golf, ski and beach resorts in the USA, Mexico and Caribbean
  • Small family owned hotels in England, Scotland and Europe
  • From 18 rooms to 800 rooms we can help if you are ready?

How Do We Start?

  • We start with a few simple questions to frame where you are at now.
  • Then we set up short conference call for a more in depth discussion.
  • From there we will provide you with options to take it further.

Call me direct at 352-266-2099 or email me for more details!

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