Golf Marketing Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Success In the Golf Industry

What If Your Club Had a Real Marketing Strategy?

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Without A Clear Marketing Strategy – The Vast Majority of Your Business Decisions Will Be Wrong!

Yet few golf clubs have one, which is why so many clubs are struggling in today’s market. They are in effect rudderless ships battling the elements with little or no hope of long-term survival.

Those with a clear strategy can take direct aim at their goal, jettison unneeded baggage and sail on the wind with the confidence of victory!

In this book, you will discover how to craft your golf club’s strategy for victory while gaining key insights into the moves your competitors may make in response. Thus being ready for every contingency in your battle for golfers!

  • What is Strategy and Why Is It So Critical to Your Success?
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Action Based Strategies
  • Defensive Based Strategies
  • Finding Your Golf Club’s Competitive Advantage
  • What Do You Really Know About Your Competition?
  • Why Budgeting Strategy Makes a Massive Difference
  • Focusing Your Marketing Resources for Victory
  • How to Control The Media and Propaganda
  • Responding to the Competitions Moves
  • 50 Strategic Questions
  • Crafting Your Golf Club’s Strategy
  • Key Takeaways
  • 200 pages of inspiring ideas from the world’s leading expert in golf marketing, Andrew Wood!