121st In a Row!

I have stayed in hotels for five months this year, in 19 different countries. Today I am at the Pullman in Bangkok (nice). They took my check-in failure rate to 100% for the year. I booked through and paid for 4 days. When I showed up at the front desk, zero effort is made to sell me anything! 


I am standing right in front of four people doing nothing who know I’m in town for four days.

“Mr. Wood would you care to upgrade to the executive level for an extra $20 a day?” 

“Or take a room with a better view for $10 a day?”

“Or pre-pay for a massage and get a 30% discount?”

No, not once in five months has anyone at a front desk, in any country, tried to sell me anything!

Can you imagine how much money they are leaving on the table?

Read and profit at once:

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