Develop a Kaizen Culture Early

"Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence— only in constant improvement and constant change." - Tom Peters

Once you and your employees accept that your company should be all about sales and marketing, the final change to introduce is that of kaizen. Kaizen is the Japanese term for continuous, never-ending improvement. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s essential to your success that you and all your employees embrace this principle.

Develop a company library of books, audios, and videos on sales, motivation, leadership, time management, and other key topics related to the success of your company. Reward employees for reading, watching, or listening on their own time. If they don’t read, they don’t learn; and if they don’t learn, they aren’t worth hiring in the first place!

Now if you want to also develop a service culture, operational excellence, and product innovation while being green, planet-friendly, and people friendly, so be it. But make sure you have the three critical cultures in place first. You can make it without all the others, but you can’t make it without the marketing and sales, or sustain it without kaizen. The others are optional. Kaizen, of course, starts with you. In the 1980s, it was said that if you didn’t double your knowledge every seven years, you were lagging behind! Can you imagine what that number of years might be today?

At my peak, I was reading or listening to well over 100 nonfiction books a year! Now I’m down to about 50. How do you find time? Keep a book with you at all times. Read it while standing in lines, at the airport, on planes, or waiting for the kids. Turn off the radio in your car and turn your waiting time and travel time into learning time with audios! Don’t watch TV! There is an old saying that poor people have big TVs while rich people have big libraries. Commit the time to continued learning and improvement and lead your staff down the same path.

Develop a corporate culture of kaizen.

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