Cunningly Clever Marketing

There is nothing more important to your business, career and indeed survival, than to make your marketing astonishingly more effective than any of your competitors!

Read Cunningly Clever Marketing and watch your marketing’s performance soar with innovative strategies for turning an ordinary business into an extraordinary business and immunizing yourself from recession. It s over 300 stimulating pages jam-packed with powerful ideas, tactics and strategies to quickly and ethically double, even triple your sales, through superior marketing!

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You’ll get inside secrets from a battle tested marketing legend, along with a bulletproof blueprint for superior marketing success. Make every dime you spend on marketing count!

You’ll Discover: 

  • Why entertaining marketing produces astonishing response, but only if it’s done right!
  • Why Bruce Lipshitz can sell $200 blue jeans that you couldn’t sell for $50!
  • The outrageous marketing campaign generated millions, in new business, for a Michigan resort!
  • The 7 million dollar sales letter that works in any industry to open doors!
  • The secret to getting other companies to promote your business to their customers for free!
  • How to build a massive prospect database in just days
  • Why Your Company s Current Web Strategy is Almost Certainly Wrong … and…Costing You Millions in Lost Revenue!
  • Exactly why your current marketing is not producing the results you want!
  • Ninja marketing, for stealing business from your competitors!
  • How to quickly generate $250,000 without a loan, a rich uncle or a gun!
  • The Changing Face of E-mail Marketing – How to Boost Your Delivery Rates!
  • The Important Art of Getting Paid Getting Paid! Generating a stunning response from your collection letters!
  • Taking Out Your Competition With A Bottle of Dom Perrigion
  • How an Ad, in The LA Times, For Motivational Guru, Anthony Robbins Made Me $18,000 in Less Than a Minute!
  • Building Your Million-Dollar Mailing List in Six Weeks or Less!
  • Getting inside your prospects heads with your marketing message
  • How I Made $75,000 in Three Days From an 11-Page E-mail No One Read!
  • Selling Ferraris on e-Bay and the power of the damaging admission
  • Thunderbolt Marketing the world s most devastatingly effective marketing strategy
  • The unknown and or largely ignored secrets of effective website design Irresistible Offers and Ironclad Guarantees – Your Secret Weapon in the Battle for Massive Response!
  • There Are Only Three Ways to Grow a Business…Any Business!
  • Preach to The Choir Don’t Try to Covert The Muslims

And much more…

In Cunningly Clever Marketing I m going to share with you a lot of exciting ideas and concepts. I m going to give you specific examples and case histories. I m also going to tell you in detail about what works and what doesn’t…

In this book I’m going to give you the inside secrets to squeezing every ounce of revenue from any marketing you ever undertake. Along the way I m going to destroy a number of marketing myths and help you make the paradigm shift from the type of marketing most people thinks works, to the type of marketing that will actually make you millions!

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