Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur

Shortcuts to Your First Few Millions

There are short cuts to business success and lots of them!

Ways to find money where none exists, steal business form bigger competitors, hire top talent and find that tipping point that turns a struggling business into a massive success!

At the same time there are just as there are many unseen, black holes, ready to suck, your time, money and resolve. Employee problems, financial problems, growing pains, competition, regulations and even customers!

Although I quit high school at 15, I am fortunate to have made millions, in several different businesses. All were started with little or nothing. None used outside financing and I had no high-powered friends or rich relations.

Along the way I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of people realize their own business dreams by showing them how to sell, market and manage their way to success, in a massive variety of businesses from shoestring startups, to multi-million dollar corporations.

I have helped business owners maximize their true potential by sharing the lessons I have learned, the lessons you will learn in this book! I learned the hard way the do’s and dont’s they NEVER teach you in college. The stuff you NEVER learn in a corporate or government environment even if you are in management. The type of warnings, tips, short cuts and little known strategies that will save years of heartache on your way to massive business success!

If you are a typical business owner you most likely already work far too many hours, for far too little money and far too few holidays. The sad thing is working even more hours, borrowing more money or trying even harder rarely, if ever, solves the problems you face.

I have been there, more than once, and every time I have struggled through the tough times that all business owners face I eventually solved all my problems with the simplest of ideas. Not more toil, money or resources.

What you need is a change of strategy not a change of business.

You need to look at how you are approaching the various keys aspects of your business and find a smarter way to maximize your results! Very often the simplest of changes can generate breakthrough results and suddenly you are enjoying rapid growth and success.

But you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s where I can help you.

Are You Ready to Dramatically Grow Your Business and Maximize Your Personal Wealth?