Consistency Breeds Confidence, Confidence Builds Brand

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well." -Jeff Bezos

One thing that many small business owners overlook in building their brand is the simple power of consistency. Obviously, consistency of quality and service are important, but there are many other factors, big and small, that must be consistent to build your brand.For example, a big consistency factor for restaurants is hours of operation. There

For example, a big consistency factor for restaurants is hours of operation. There are any number of restaurants in my area that close on Sunday. Some also close on Monday, especially in the summer (Florida’s downtime), and many are even more erratic in the times they open. Some close because they are small, owner-run businesses. Inconsistent closing policies are bad for a brand.

The problem is, I can never remember which ones close on what days. But I can tell you this, when I have showed up once or twice and been disappointed, I rarely show up again.

Even small consistencies are far more important than most businesses realize—consistency of colors, trucks, uniforms, logos, and names. That’s why franchises have a much better track record of success than the typical small business.

One local business owner in the electrical business saw a massive increase in business when he invested $10,000 to have his four trucks painted bright yellow, with a huge logo and phone number visible from all four sides. Because they were so bright and recognizable, you seemed to see them everywhere. In fact, you would think he had 40 trucks, not four, so often did you recall seeing them.

Early in my marketing business, I choose orange as our color, not because it’s my favorite color, but simply because at the time hardly any company used orange. We stood out at every trade show. Every time I spoke, I wore an orange shirt. Clients started sending gifts of shirts, ties, and sweaters in orange. In the golf business, when you see orange, you think of Legendary Marketing. The same is true of logos. Come up with a good one and stick with it. Don’t have five different varieties or one for every season. Find one worth keeping and stick with it like Marlboro does with their cowboy, like Wells Fargo does with their stagecoach. Like Prudential Insurance does with their rock, or Nike their swoosh.

Consistency of unique selling proposition (USP) is paramount to branding success. Great brands stick with their USP and they stick with it for decades. Hertz is Number One, Avis is Number Two We Try Harder. Miller Lite – Tastes Great – Less Filling. The more consistent your business is with hours, uniforms, colors, logos, personnel, UPS, and service, the more confidence you will produce in your customers, and the quicker your brand will grow. After all, a brand is simply about delivering on your promise.

Be consistent in all things, big and small, to quickly build your brand.

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