Do You Feed Your Brain for Success?

Think of your mind and the knowledge and skills it contains as you think of your body. What would happen to you physically if all you ate each day were large jelly-filled doughnuts? If, on top of that, you cut down your exercise to zero and drank only chocolate milkshakes? Within a very short period of time, you would gain a huge amount of weight and be physically incapable of even simple activities. Your health would fail rapidly, and eventually, you might even die.

If, on the other hand, you eat three balanced meals a day, work out regularly, and sleep eight hours each night, the chances are you will wake up feeling great each day. You will live a long, healthy, productive life. By investing in your body in the form of eating the right foods and exercising regularly, you maintain your body in good shape.

So it is with the brain, if all you feed it are sitcoms, soap operas, dime novels, and sensational magazines, you are, in effect, giving it jelly doughnuts for food. If the only parts of the newspaper you read are the sports page and comics, you are drinking high fat chocolate milkshakes that will put on pounds and slow you down.

There is a large sign on the door of my dentist’s office that reads, “Ignore your teeth, and they will just go away.” If you do not work out your brain by providing it with new and interesting material, you are simply letting it waste away. You will also be hurting yourself because new and interesting material could help you better your life. The less you stimulate your mind, the less inclined it becomes to help you accomplish your goals. The more you stimulate your mind, the more information it will crave, and the faster and more substantial your progress will be.

The very fact you are reading this post means you are making an effort to upgrade your business and personal skills. This is a great start, but don’t let it end there. You should put aside time each week to work out your mind just as you do to your body. Seek other books and information, attend seminars, and listen to audiotapes on a variety of topics that will aid you in your business and your life. The time and money you invest in the pursuit of knowledge will return to you one hundred fold far quicker than you ever thought possible.

Brian Tracy, President of Tracy Learning Systems, a company that specializes in human development, and author of many excellent audio programs, says “The single most valuable piece of advice I could ever give anyone is to invest three percent of their income in themselves.” He maintains that people who follow this rule ultimately become the most successful people in the country in their chosen fields.

Life is too short to try to find all the answers for yourself. By drawing on the knowledge and experiences of others, you can shave months or even years off the time it takes you to achieve your goals and objectives. The more of this specialized and boiled down knowledge you acquire, the quicker you will move ahead. “This amazing cunningly clever series is loaded with practical, proven methods and techniques to attract more customers and make more sales than you will be able to handle. These little known marketing strategies are the keys to great business success!” – Brian Tracy, world-famous sales, management and motivational author of over 45 books.

For more great business advice read or listen to


Cowboys Create Their Own 
Unique Personal Brand

"Nobody ever calls me John…I’ve always been Duke or Marion or John Wayne. It’s a name that goes well together, and it’s like one word." — John Wayne

The Flying R, Circle C, Shiloh, Bonanza, or the High Chaparral, every ranch, real or fictional, had a brand, a symbol burned into the hide of the cattle to stamp ownership and help protect them from rustling. But it was not just ranches that had a brand and unique symbols of individuality—cowboys had them too.

The famous Indian Crazy Horse had several battle rituals, including painting his body with lightning bolts and white spots to denote hailstones. He would either tie the body of a hawk against the side of his head or wear a war bonnet with buffalo horns and a dozen eagle feathers. Often he wore a red blanket like a cape. Likewise, all the great chiefs, like Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Black Elk, and Quanah all had their unique headdresses, war paint, clothing, and accessories.

Become a Business Sponge

Invest three percent of your income in yourself (self-development) in order to guarantee your future. - Brian Tracy

Before you start your new venture, commit to becoming a business sponge. Soak up every bit of key information you need to rapidly increase your competence in sales, marketing, time management, and other key entrepreneurial skills that will dramatically affect the ultimate success of your business.

It’s a pretty simple yet seldom discussed fact that competence in various disciplines of business brings success, lack of competence—failure.

Speaking To Win!

Contrary to popular belief, not all great leaders start with great communication skills. Churchill, perhaps the greatest orator of the twentieth century, stuttered badly as a child and took speech therapy even as an adult. During one of his early performances at the podium he was so afraid that he actually passed out. Lincoln was by no means a natural speaker, yet his eloquence grew with his wisdom. The Gettysburg Address lasted just over two minutes and contained less than 300 words, yet what power those words held. They moved an entire nation then, and continue to do so.

Destiny hangs on a word

These two legendary orators illustrate beautifully the point that often in the course of history the entire fate of a nation, company or sports team can hinge on a single speech. A speech that evokes passion. A speech that rallies pride. A speech that stirs uncommon motivation to act, and instills an undying commitment to see that action through to its successful conclusion. Make no mistake about the power of the spoken word to change the fortune of any country, organization or company.

How Many Books Did You Read This Year?

There is no faster way to increase your knowledge and therefore your value to yourself, employer or customers than to read the distilled knowledge of an expert. I tell everyone to read (or listen) to a book week but do I really follow my own advice? Sitting in the back of a cab in Bangkok I decided to count.

Here is my reading list from this year:

Go Beyond Your Normal Circle for Answers

To solve any problem, here are three questions to ask yourself: First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And third, who could I ask? - Jim Rohn

An exclusive apartment building in New York had only one set of elevators, and there were growing complaints from the upscale tenants about the amount of time it took to get up and down in the building. Several engineers, consultants, and elevator specialists were called in to study the problem.

Lots of solutions were generated. Unfortunately, most dealt with adding more elevators, which in an old building was financially unfeasible. Some focused on trying to speed up the existing elevators with smart programming and so on, but this would still not increase the speed enough.