Why you must have a Legendary USP

How important is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? So important that without a great one your business will always be an “also-ran.”

The USP was first described more than sixty years ago in the classic book by Rosser Reeves, Reality in Advertising. While given much lip service, the concept of USP is seldom understood or operationalized well. Reeves said that your USP must meet three criteria to be complete and powerful:

Seven Ways to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Hotel or Resort’s Business

It's time to properly monetize your email list

Done right, e-mail marketing is low cost, generates high returns, and provides instant gratification. Done wrong, you’ll spend weeks trying to clean up the mess you leave behind, with irate customers who may never return.

You have gone to great lengths to build a large e-mail list. Now it’s time to monetize it properly, which is not quite as simple as it seems.

How to Create an Emotional Bond with Your Guests

And turn them into your own social media marketing army

How can you make an average hotel or resort stand out without an expensive remodel? How can you create an experience guests remember for all the right reasons, even with average staff? How can you make price irrelevant, within your category to the majority of your guests?

There is an answer to all these questions and it boils down to just one word—passion. The passion to create an experience that differs in many subtle ways from all others in your category. Whimsical ways that bring a smile to your guests’ faces and have them reaching for that cell phone photo quicker than they would cash a winning lotto ticket!