The Art of Selling Ice to Eskimos

How to Make Your Sales Pitch Convincing

To have a successful hotel marketing campaign, you must convince the readers or viewers of the value of your property’s offer.

You must sell them on some kind of action, which often involves removing their doubts and fears. This is the point of the copy where you transition from your story to your sales pitch and it’s the point where most hotel marketing campaigns start to go wildly astray.

6 Principles of High-Converting Landing Pages

For your Hotel or Resort

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation for your business.

Hotel Landing Pages

The use of landing pages enables you to send prospects to targeted pages and capture leads and convert at a much higher rate than through other means. Visitors are on a landing page for one purpose based on the type of landing page you’re using: to complete the lead capture form or to make a purchase.

How effective is your website?

Take this quick test to find out.

It’s still tough to get some people to realize that your website is the absolute foundation of all your marketing activities. It’s better than print, radio, TV, and billboard.

Effective Hotel Website

In fact, about the only marketing that gives the web a run for its money is direct mail. Since that is about one hundred times more expensive than a website, it pays to focus your attention on the web first.

What Makes You Think Your Service Is Great?

Ask yourself three simple questions

There is a lot of talk about providing great service in the hospitality business, about making your guests feel special. We all want it yet so few places deliver it! In fact, when you ask managers what good service is, you won’t get a very straight answer.

Hotel Service

Instead, you will get a bunch of vague platitudes about being friendly and “taking care of our customers’ needs.” All very nice, but how often can you truthfully say that your service is not just good, but exceptional? Not just exceptional, but outrageously great?

Don’t Fall for These Five Hotel and Resort Marketing Myths

Are you under the influence?

One of the major reasons why most hotels and resorts don’t market effectively is that they are under the influence of marketing myths.

Hotel Marketing Myths

Who knows how these misleading ideas got started, but many of them have been around for decades. So before you start any marketing program, you first need to “clear the decks” of these marketing misconceptions.