How a Small English Hotel Made a Long Travel Day Instantly Bearable

It was a gorgeous day and I had decided to stop on my way from Scotland back to London in the picturesque, lake district town of Windermere. Unfortunately, the rest of the UK all had the very same idea. I got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam on a tiny road with nowhere to go.

It took over two hours to go seven miles, then when I got to the hotel there was nowhere to park. I was hot, tired and irritable before I found out my room was on the fourth floor, normally I love the extra steps but today it was a chore.

10 Insights from Five Months of Living in Hotels in 19 Countries in 2017

France, Germany, Canada, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, and, of course, the United States. These are just nine of the 19 countries whose hotels I’ve called “home” in 2017.

Altogether, I’ve spent a little over five months living in hotels this year. I stayed in mom and pop hotels, major resorts, B&Bs and a Swiss chalet with a picture-perfect view of the Matterhorn. Name a type of accommodation and I’ve stayed in it.

Through my travels, I picked up the following 10 insights that hold true for almost anywhere in the world.


121st In a Row!

I have stayed in hotels for five months this year, in 19 different countries. Today I am at the Pullman in Bangkok (nice). They took my check-in failure rate to 100% for the year. I booked through and paid for 4 days. When I showed up at the front desk, zero effort is made to sell me anything! 


I am standing right in front of four people doing nothing who know I’m in town for four days.

The Art of Selling Ice to Eskimos

How to Make Your Sales Pitch Convincing

To have a successful hotel marketing campaign, you must convince the readers or viewers of the value of your property’s offer.

You must sell them on some kind of action, which often involves removing their doubts and fears. This is the point of the copy where you transition from your story to your sales pitch and it’s the point where most hotel marketing campaigns start to go wildly astray.

6 Principles of High-Converting Landing Pages

For your Hotel or Resort

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation for your business.

Hotel Landing Pages

The use of landing pages enables you to send prospects to targeted pages and capture leads and convert at a much higher rate than through other means. Visitors are on a landing page for one purpose based on the type of landing page you’re using: to complete the lead capture form or to make a purchase.