The Golf Outing Sales and Marketing Manual

Add 50,000-150,000, Dollars,
Pounds, or Euros to
Your Club’s Bottom Line!

New The Golf Outing
Sales & Marketing Manual!

  • Would you like to dominate the golf outing market in your area and add six figures to your bottom-line?
  • Do you wish your employees had a simple blueprint to follow that guaranteed success?
  • Would your employees close more golf outings sales if they had a cheat sheet of proven closing and objection scripts?

             If you answered YES to any of these, then read on…

No Matter What type of Course You Have; Daily Fee, Private Club or Resort, In This Program You Will Discover How To:

    • Generate several hundred golf outing leads a year
    • How to raise, yes raise, your rates and still get the business
    • Increase your closing ratio by over 50%
    • Generate an insane amount of additional “day of income”
    • Completely dominate the golf outing, society or corporate business in your market so you pick and choose the best events only!

         What would an extra, 10-20 golf outings, corporate days or societies a year be worth to your club?

Dear Course Manager:

A lot of clubs now are struggling to survive. Trying desperately to cuts costs, cut staff and somehow try to increase play at the same time. With less resources than ever! It’s a difficult task and there is often, not enough hours in the day. You get home tired and drained wondering what else you can do to drive revenue, and increase rounds.

As you turn things around in your head searching for answers you suddenly an old quote pops into your head. A wise man once said. “If you are going to fish to feed your family, fish for whales not minnows”

With this sage advice in mind, you realize with amazing clarity that the quickest and easiest way to massively increase your bottom line is to increase your outing business.

  • A green fee brings in a few bucks
  • A golf memberships a few hundred in monthly dues
  • But a golf outing….A golf outing brings in a few thousand!

Not only does a golf outing bring in a few thousand, but it also brings with it a mother load of new players, exposed to your courses for the first time. With them come membership leads, wedding/banquet leads, league leads, lesson leads and the real opportunity to double or triple your income from each event.

Now if one golf outing can make a solid impact…

What would an extra, 10-20 golf outings a year be worth to your club?

I know every club is different but at an average of only $4.500 in revenue, per outing, booking just one extra outing per month, would add $54,000 to your bottom line!  (This system works all year round, 24/7 and never calls in sick!)

Two outings a month would be $108,000 in additional revenue and if your average outing is more than $4,500 we could easily be talking $200,000!

That’s before we factor in all the additional leads and income an outing can generate after the event!

                Dominate Your Golf Outing Market!

There can only be one leader in any market and I want it to be you! Whether you want to dominate the charity, corporate, group outings or society events.

                I have taken the very BEST websites, emails, ads, sales letters, offers and scripts that I have developed working with over 1500 clubs in a dozen different countries and put them all in one place!

 You’ll Learn to How to Generate Enough Leads to Pick and Choose Only The Golf Outings You Really Want! 


  • How to set your website up for a massive increase in leads while you sleep.
  • How to get outing planners to opt into your website for automatic follow up. This will increase sales by over 50%!
  • How to write copy that actual sells. It’s nothing like the few impotent corporate bullet points you have up there now! I’ll give you my bulletproof formula for outing success, tested and proven at hundreds of clubs around the world!
  • Why video is critical to your success. I’ll even include a script for you!
  • How to use telemarketing to generate a super high-quality list of 400 outing leads in six weeks or less!
  • How to use print ads to generate 50 or 60 extra leads
  • Generating leads by email.
  • Leads through Facebook

You’ll Get an Amazing Collection of Proven
Golf Outing Marketing Materials

Why waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars testing different ads, brochure, emails and sales letters when you can instantly acquire a collection of the world’s best?

  • Golf Outing websites
  • Print ads that actually work
  • Brochures that sell
  • Sales letters that really make the phone ring
  • Email auto responders that make money while you sleep
  • Banner ads
  • Social media posts
  • Desktop displays
  • Plus much more…

Maximize “Day of Income” A-Z Checklist, Follow Up, Referrals and Repeat Business

            The manual finishes up with a 55-step quick-start action plan. Superior results will quickly come from better follow-up, and the only way to ensure that follow-up is done in a consistent and professional manner is to systemize it. If you make sure that every person is contacted in the same way, the same number of times, and sent the same follow-up materials, nothing will slip through the cracks our sales will increase and so will your income. Follow this plan and you’ll be on a clear road to dominating the outing business in your area faster than you ever thought possible.

Just one extra outing a month is $54,000 a year, two is $108,000

Now that’s some powerful ROI! 

Dominate the Golf Outing Business In Your Area By Investing in
The Golf Outing Sales & Marketing Manual

Over 261 pages of proven outing generation strategies, brochures, ads, sales letters, websites, objection answers, closing scripts and checklists. You’ll make back 100 times your investment from the detailed information in this manual as you easily add $50,000 -$108,000 to your club’s bottom line!

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