Making Your Club The One They Choose

It’s Time To THINK Outside the Tee Box About Marketing Your Club

Making Your Club The ONE They Choose – A Totally
Different Way To Attract and Retain Business!

  • Are you struggling to find new members or players?
  • Frustrated with discounting and looking for another way to attract business other than simply cutting rates and eliminating joining fees?
  • Perplexed by what makes your club truly unique enough to stand out in a crowded market no matter what price point or type of operation you happen to be?

Then let’s do something about it..!

In This 250 Page Manual You Will Discover:

  • Connect and engage with your members and guests on an entirely new level at very single touch point in your operation!
  • How you can turn an ordinarily operation in to an extraordinary operation in a matter of days and weeks without much in the way of financial resources to start.
  • How you can create loyal passionate fans for your club and drive in a stream of new referral business you have long since thought didn’t exist anyone!
  • And how to DRAMATICALLY increase you income no matter where your club happens to be located!

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