Always Have a Plan B!

Focus on remedies, not faults. - Jack Nicklaus

Success is nothing more than the execution of your well-developed options. The clearer the options you have for solving problems and attaining your goals, the better your chances of success.

All great generals have a plan B. In fact, it was because of the famous German Admiral, Otto von Bismarck, that the phrase was coined. As general of your own army, even if it’s a one-man army, you should always have a plan B. Normally, this is the second best choice in your list. For reasons of timing or available resources, what is the second choice option may, in a relatively short period of time, become the best option if your first choice is not available or working.

The key is to have developed a number of workable options and to retain the flexibility to change course when needed.

Your success will ultimately be determined by the quantity and quality of your well-developed options. Always have a plan B.

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