10 Insights from Five Months of Living in Hotels in 19 Countries in 2017

France, Germany, Canada, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, and, of course, the United States. These are just nine of the 19 countries whose hotels I’ve called “home” in 2017.

Altogether, I’ve spent a little over five months living in hotels this year. I stayed in mom and pop hotels, major resorts, B&Bs and a Swiss chalet with a picture-perfect view of the Matterhorn. Name a type of accommodation and I’ve stayed in it.

Through my travels, I picked up the following 10 insights that hold true for almost anywhere in the world.

  1. Hotel websites are poor, all lacking in the information I want as a traveler about the facility & the surrounding area. So I rely on reviews instead!
  2. Not one hotel attempted to upsell me anything at check-in, like a room with a view.
  3. Checking in with golf clubs not one concierge came over to me & suggested where I should play, including their own course.
  4. If you stay in a hotel for a week the menu gets boring fast, there should be more creativity. If you offer cheesecake as one of your five dessert selections (like every other hotel in the world), you probably don’t get it!
  5. There should be an option to customize the mini bar. I want bananas, celery, and carrots… not another Mars bar!
  6. All bathrooms should have a drip line to drip dry clothes, few do. You need to constantly wash clothes when on the road! I hang mine on the showerhead which often breaks.
  7. Check in almost always takes too long!
  8. Having poor WIFI is as bad as having dirty sheets. Charging $15 for it is insane & your terrible passcodes, coupons, and excuses don’t cut it!
  9. Escorting me around a hotel and showing it to me as I go to my room is a nice touch.
  10. And the biggest insight of all, read the following while traveling…

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